WP7 – Observatory as an Open Innovation Marketplace between HEIs, SMEs and Industry

The main goal of this work package was to determine the structure and the organization of an Observatory HEIs/SMEs/INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS within the Alliance. The structure supports the GIENAHS Consortium in expanding and consolidating its network after the lifetime of the project through:

  • The Monitoring and matching research opportunities coming from SMEs with potential PhD students, supported by HEIs in the implementation of a new industrial PhD path proposed as a result of GIENAHS project. Here you can find the Observatory.
  • The applications from young researchers of the six partner countries, compared to the research opportunities proposed by SMEs
  • The matching between research offers/grants/researchers

The Observatory creates a bridge between European SMEs and HEIs, enhancing creativity and innovation in industrial research targeted on the specific needs of SMEs and contributing to the economic growth in Europe. This matching will be translated into a new industrial PhD path: the GIENAHS PhD courses.

Another important goal of this work package was the design and implementation of webinars that can be used to raise awareness among young researchers and internal company staff about the Observatory and the new industrial PhD path for SMEs. Here you can find the webinars that have been uploaded in the context of the Open Innovation Marketplace.

The Open Innovation Marketplace provides its stakeholders with the following services:

  • Trend analysis: studies in a particular research fields SMEs oriented
  • Webinars: online events tailored to the needs of SMEs and HEIs.
  • Models: schemes and templates for innovation development
  • Study visits: opportunities to enlarge the network and improve skills from good practices at worldwide level
  • Showroom area: section of the GIENAHS website dedicated for promotion of a given stakeholder for visibility and publicity. Here you can find the Showroom area.