WP6 – The Method and the Path for an Industrial PhD Smes Oriented

The main goal of WP6 was to implement:

– a new industrial Ph.D. course oriented to SMEs, its design and elaboration

– a new innovative methodological approach for designing an SME-oriented industrial Ph.D.

Academic representatives and media experts from 6 countries collaborated to design a new path and, as a result, to identify a methodological approach that can become a reproducible model in Europe for the development of a researcher training offer tailored to specific needs and requirements of SMEs. First of all, the partners defined the key competences that function as the basis of the study program. The key competences can be found here. Furthermore, the next step was to structure the new training path which can be found here. The core of this work package was to determine the guidelines to standardise the methodological approach among partners for designing the training units. The whole process that was followed can be found here

The monitoring and evaluation actions and performance indicators defined the monitoring and evaluation plans of WP8, and the quality criteria were defined by the Quality Schedule in WP9 QP. The formalization of the Industrial Ph.D. path for SMEs was preparatory for the guidance activities implemented in WP7 for young researchers and SMEs who may be interested in the new path.