WP6 Joint Technical Meeting and 7th Steering Committee Meeting

The WP6 Joint Technical Meeting and the 7th Steering Committee Meeting of Gienahs Project were held online on 13 October 2020. The meetings were very productive and included the results of the work implemented in partner countries and upcoming steps.

The WP6 Joint Technical Meeting included a short presentation of the course of the project so far and the results that came up from WP3, WP4 and WP5. Later on, WP5 (LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW INDUSTRIAL PHD PATH FOR SMEs) and the progress of its individual tasks was presented. The partners were informed on the current status regarding standard PhDs in all participating countries and the course that led to the elaboration of the proposed final path for SMEs oriented Industrial PhDs.

Concerning WP6 (THE METHOD AND THE PATH FOR AN INDUSTRIAL Ph.D. SMEs ORIENTED), the contribution of each partner to the new path was presented as well as key aspects and potential solutions were shared. The lessons learnt from common interaction were analyzed, including difficulties faced and challenges that occurred during the process of designing and finalizing the Path for the implementation of SMEs oriented Industrial PhDs. Next on, the possible final path was presented and discussed deeply by the partners. The aspects of training, impacts for HEIs, SMEs and researchers were discussed and further clarified. Further steps for reaching final results and the respective timetable were also defined.

Next on, the progress of WP7 (CREATION OF AN OBSERVATORY HEIS/SMES/INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS) so far was presented, with the tool and scheduling for its implementation, which will take place after the project is concluded, thus continuing with the work already produced.

Furthermore, the project progress and final steps towards its closure were examined by the Consortium under a fruitful and interactive session with the contribution of all partners.

In the same context, the 7th Steering Committee Meeting was held afterwards, during which the state of the art of the Management, Communication and Quality & Evaluation activities were presented and discussed.