WP5 – Legal Frameworks for the Development of the New Industrial PhD Path for SMEs

The first main GIENAHS objective in this WP5 was to identify the different rules applied for the regulation of industrial PhDs at national level in the six partner countries, in order to define the legal framework for the implementation of the new joint Industrial PhD path SMEs oriented. Six National Reports were prepared on the legislation status in the participating countries recording the existing situation on Industrial PhD regulations.

According to the related findings and the six national reports prepared, a compared analysis was carried out with a view to drawing up a harmonization proposal for European Commission to consider. Here you can find the comparative study on National Legislations for Industrial PhD.

In addition, two studies were conducted on:
● the legislation of six countries in terms of labour disciplines that rule the participation of employees in industrial doctorate paths. The Compared study on the labor disciplines can be found here.
● the procedures adopted by universities in each partner country to implement joint path with foreign partners. Here you can see based on the comparative study carried out the rules for the implementation of a common study course.