WP4 – Map of Key Processes and Competences for Innovation in SMEs

Through WP4, GIENAHS Project aimed to detect the key processes and competences for innovation in SMEs in order to define the key skills to equip industrial researchers and company staff to more effectively support innovation in Small and medium-sized enterprises. For the analysis of the current state of the art, a database of SME samples was created in each country and a specific questionnaire was elaborated. The data emerged were reported, then, in an elaborative Technical Assessment Report (T.A.R.) for each country. A Joint Technical meeting was held at Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) the 19th – 20th September 2019 to share the results that emerged at the country level and start composing together a map of the key skills. The main findings of the meeting can be found here. The final report on key competences to be trained through the new Industrial PhD path for SMEs and the guidelines to be adopted in the next WP (6_The method and the path for an Industrial PhD SMEs oriented) are under development.