WP3 Interaction Between HEIs and SMEs

GIENAHS partners, in the context of WP3, worked together in order to define the most effective ways to stimulate HEIs / SMEs interactions. Specific data collection tools were developed as well as interview guidelines. An overview about the tools can be found here. The analysis was then carried out from both perspectives (HEIs / SMEs). A first report was drawn up, at each country level, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the interaction by HEIs perspective. Main findings from HEIs perspective can be found here. Furthermore, the second analysis, aiming to record the SMEs views on interaction and collaboration status with HEIs, took place subsequently and the main results can be found here. Finally, a technical meeting was organized in London for sharing all the results and for working on the integrated data in order to detect an improved model of interaction HEIs / SMEs with EU relevance for enhancing R&D processes in European SMEs. Τhe press release of the WP3 Second Joint Technical Meeting in London, UK, can be found here