WP3 Joint Technical Meeting in Göteborg, Sweden

The WP3 Joint Technical Meeting took place in Göteborg, Sweden, on 28th and 29th June 2018.    The meeting was hosted by Chalmers University of Technology.

Project partners shared the results emerged from the analysis of HEIs-SME interaction, made at country level, by the university perspective.

Joint working groups (with SMEs and HEIs representatives) were created aiming to analyse the integrated results at cross country level, working on parallel sessions.

Similarities and differences of interaction models among countries were highlighted and important findings from university perspective emerged, such as:

  • The necessity of a better knowledge of the cultural approach to innovation adopted by SMEs;
  • The necessity to bet on genuine and strong interest of HEIs in investigating the concrete research needs of SMEs;
  • The need for more prepared “Academic mentors” capable to supervise Industrial PhD students;
  • The need to activate PhD courses that allow direct employment of students by University but committed more time in SMEs enabling a better knowledge of the “real daily life” of company.

Deep discussions among the participants allowed defining additional activities for enhancing the country reports. Specific SWOT analysis aimed at highlighting Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat, were proposed as efficient tool that can facilitate the benchmarking and results revision procedure, ensuring thus a high quality of the final outputs.

            Finally, the consortium agreed on the roadmap for the next phases of the WP3 implementation.

In the same context, the 3th Steering Committee Meeting was held during which the state of the art of the Management, Communication and Quality & Evaluation activities were presented and discussed.