Training the trainers for SMEs oriented PhDs – Anglia Ruskin University

     Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) is working as a GIENAHS consortium member to create a new SMEs oriented PhD path. Alongside the proactive control, monitoring, and evaluation, ARU is also contributing to the development of different aspects of the new SME oriented PhD path and required training courses. As a part of working package (WP6), ARU is designing a template for ‘training the trainers (Task 6.5)’ that will highlight the different courses and competencies required/attained from the different training courses of the new PhD. The overall objective is to build instructors who will be competent to teach, or train required modules for soft, hard or transferable skills to the PhD candidates. The trainers of the PhD courses to be involved in the SME oriented PhD path should add value to the process. While academic supervisors will focus on the development of research-specific skill set, the instructor/trainer of this new path will help facilitate essential skill development required for undertaking a PhD e.g., ethics, intellectual property rights, and project management.

     The main goal of training the trainers is to train and develop the trainers to undertake the activities of directing participants to supplementary resources, leading discussion to reinforce learning, listening to be responsive to the needs of the learners and share best practices, supporting learners in their skill development and providing appropriate follow-ups if needed. Task 6.5 is directly linked with the preceding tasks of WP6 and will result in the development of a training courses template highlighting different training types, delivery mode, importance level, required skills of the trainers to deliver the courses, and skills attained by the PhD candidates.   

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