National Labour Discipline Analysis Country: United Kingdom

National Labour Discipline Analysis Country: United Kingdom (TASK 5.3)


  • Based on the employment status in UK University offers professional
  • In most cases the students are offered a part time PhD course based on their qualification and experience
  • In some circumstances a postgraduate research student will be required to sign an undertaking that they will enter into a confidentiality agreement and assign their Intellectual Property rights universities.
  • In general, the selection criteria for company employee is like that of regular PhD program. However, the part time professional doctorate is required to have professional experience on related
  • The articulation of the shared work of the employee and the PhD program are not controlled by the national labour law directly. However, the PhD program must be based on University
  • There are specific sets of rules for an employee joining PhD program based on the company regulations.
  • The PhD degree provides opportunity of career development in a large scale. Industries now a days are hiring employee with PhD for research and development
  • Company often encourage its employee for a PhD program and willing to pay for it. In most cases these are part time PhD program. So, the candidate will continue doing their job as employee of that company and will continue receive regular salary
  • In case of part time industrial PhD program University sets up a time regulation consulting the company and come to an agreement for working days in both
  • In general there is no difference between the industrial and regular PhD in terms of finacial point of view. The universities offers similar kind of opportunities according to its rerearch degree regulations.
  • The standard/industrial PhD program that often provides the opportunity to collaborate between the University and the SME. In UK different projects are available like KTP or Keep+ which opens the opportunity to use university facilities to the company, which can range from business development to product development.
  • In UK there is no such program as tax exemption or incentives. However, government are funding in different projects which can benefit the company financially as the government are funding big chunk of the projects’ finance for the development of the
  • In many cases the Industrial PhD program is part time, which allows the candidate work in both university and the SME. The problem with the part time PhD is its time span, which is often very long. However, there are Full time PhD opportunity as well. The measure that is the most important for the industrial PhD is the financial security.

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