Main findings from T.A.R. of Greece

Map of Key Processes and Competences for Innovation in SMEs (Manufacturing Sector)

Figure: Innovation types of SMEs country perspective GR


Outline of the T.A.R main findings:

  • There is a gap between research and practice
  • Low interest for incorporating scientific research in order to adapt innovative procedures
  • SMEs are interested in applying innovative techniques in productive domain and not in management procedures
  • There is a tendency to show trust towards R&D personnel or high qualified personnel like CEO to support innovative SMEs ideas better than external high qualified academic members
  • Limited financial capacity for business investments in R&D activities
  • In order to increase cash flow and investments of the SMEs towards innovation certain measures and means, provided by the Banks or the Government should be further expanded; such as Programmes developed by the Ministry of Development and Investments, or Academic Research Programs applied by the Ministry of Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs
  • Greek SMEs are rather mistrustful about outsourcing and employing external parties for supporting and evaluating their innovation products and techniques & sceptical towards new marketing options such as the social media