HEIs are the training entities. They prepare the R&D skills and competences for the economic sector. Nevertheless, HEIs do not yet detect efficiently the SMEs needs that still suffer low competitiveness. Training of many more researchers with SME’ oriented skills is demanded by the academic world. New working methodology for designing employability and innovation managerial skills for SMEs is foreseen in GIENAHs. The PhD training path jointly designed (HEIS+SMEs) can provide the right competences that surely impact the SME’s growth process.

HEIs are directly involved in project implementation and are key-actors during all project lifetime. The benefits foreseen for this target are surely transferable at national, regional and international level. Indeed, the analysis to be conducted within the 5 universities, with the detailed information to be gathered at university level, on assessing how academics perceive and engage in the teaching and learning of employability skills, can be considered as direct output for the 5 HEIs involved. At the same time, the analysis and the method utilized to increase employment‐based training can be considered as outcome for all universities at national and international level.

Six HEIs are working within GIENAHS project in tight collaboration with SMEs of different countries.

Other HEIS will be involved during the project life.

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-Stronger link with SMEs

-Enlarged training and research offer

-New high-level researchers as bridges among HEIs/SMEs to boost mutual interaction and cooperation

-A higher impact of academic research on territory economy