The 5ᵗʰ Project Meeting in Rome, Italy

The 5th Gienahs Project meeting was organized by the Lead Partner Universus-Csei, on 9th and 10th of May, in Rome (Italy) at the Pontificial Gregorian University.

The meeting mainly focused on the state of the art of the two ongoing WPs: WP4 (Map of the key processes and competences for innovation in SMEs – Manufacturing sector) and WP5 Legal  frameworks  for  the  development  of  the  new Industrial Ph.D path for SMEs).

With regard to WP4, a debate was undertaken among the partners regarding the approach to be followed for setting up the questionnaire to be submitted to SMEs, in order to analyze their processes and define the innovation skills needed. Differences between the partners’ points of view emerged and a common effort was spent to integrate these differences into a shared vision.

Concerning WP5, WP Leaders presented the state of the art of the WP5 activities, showing, in particular, a comparison table on the main first findings about the rules currently applied in each country for implementing standard and industrial Ph.D paths. What emerged from a first assessment is the segmentation of the partners into three groups: Sweden and the UK on one side; Poland, Greece and Romania on the other, and finally Italy with some specific peculiarities. The subsequent phase of the project will include the elaboration of an integrated proposal for the harmonization of the institutional and regulatory framework of all the countries involved to be taken to the attention of the European Commission. This attempt aspires to contribute in promoting the implementation of industrial research doctorates in European universities.