Gienahs Joint Technical meeting in Warsaw, Poland

The WP4 and WP5 Joint Technical Meetings and the 6th Steering Committee Meeting of Gienahs Project were organized on 19th and 20th September 2019 in the Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. It was a very productive technical session prompted by the results of the work implemented in partner countries.

Concerning WP4 (MAP OF KEY PROCESSES AND COMPETENCES FOR INNOVATION IN SMEs), the results of the surveys implemented in Italy, UK, Greece, Poland, Romania and Sweden were shared. Technical working groups were created in order to map the key processes and competences for innovation in SMEs, based on three main area: i) basic technical skills which should represent the requirements for access to the new course; ii) transversal and multidisciplinary skills; iii) skills that can be considered as an added value for SMEs.

The partners, also, deeply discussed what is the best training path, able to provide students with skills enabling a better managing of innovation in SMEs, making them, at the same time, more prepared to act as bridges in the interaction between universities and businesses. In this regard, a basic architecture of the new SME-oriented European industrial doctoral path was shared and the possible constraints deriving from the legislative frameworks of each country were described, to understand how to build a common path that can integrate the peculiarities of each country. For this purpose, the main results that emerged from the compared studies developed in WP5 (LEGAL FRAMEWORKS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE NEW INDUSTRIAL PHD PATH FOR SMEs) were taken into consideration during the discussion.

Finally, the project progress was examined by the Consortium under a fruitful and interactive session with the contribution of all partners. Specific evaluation of the project indicators was presented for all the Work Packages.