Final Conference of the GIENAHS project

The Final Conference of the GIENAHS project, which took place on April 26, 2021, and was held online, was successfully completed.The proposed observatory of universities and SMEs / Industrial Associations, which aims at constructive cooperation between SMEs, Universities, and researchers, multiplying and creating new attractive employment opportunities and contributing to the promotion of industrial research in European SMEs. The speakers underlined that the Industrial Ph.D. is an opportunity for SMEs, highlighting the benefits of interaction between universities and SMEs and focused on the opportunities that arise for both. In addition, the EU’s emphasis on initiatives focusing on strengthening the link between SMEs and universities across Europe, with the ultimate goal of providing more opportunities for young researchers, was emphasized.

In the very constructive discussion that followed, it was pointed out that the results and proposals that emerged from the GIENAHS project meet the needs of SMEs for innovation and contribute to the interaction of Universities and SMEs, in order to establish a long-term cooperation relationship through the establishment of the Industrial Ph.D.

Watch the video from the event :