The 5ᵗʰ Project Meeting in Rome, Italy

The 5th Project meeting of Gienahs Project was organized by the Lead Partner Universus-Csei, on 9th and 10th May, in Rome Italy. The venue of the meeting was the Pontificial Gregorian University in Rome.

The major issue in the consortium agenda was the development of the project results aiming to the institution of an innovative methodological approach for the design and introduction of an industrial Doctorate in the European universities. Gienahs project aims to improve interaction and cooperation between European Higher Education Institutions and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

During the meeting various issues were examined and further analysed closely affiliated with the results of the parallel surveys that were conducted addressing the European Higher Education Institutions (HEIS) and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Poland, Sweden, Italy, Romania, United Kingdom and Greece. The parallel surveys investigated the views of both representatives of HEIS and SMEs according to the existing challenges and prospects concerning the development of synergies between them.

The synthesis of the surveys that took place in all participating countries is expected to set the ground for the creation of a new approach for the design and development of the Industrial PhD in Europe.

Following on that, it was also examined the current status of the institutional framework regarding the Industrial PhDs in the total of the 6 countries. This endeavor revealed that in many cases such as Greece there was no existing and clear framework for the Industrial PhDs able to serve as base and encourage the cooperation between HEIS and SMEs.

The next steps of the project actions include the formation of an integrated proposal for the incorporation and harmonization of the institutional and regulatory framework of all involved countries which will be posed in the Erasmus+ Board. This attempt aspires to serve as the vehicle for the introduction of Industrial PhDs in the European Universities.


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